He's there, hot breath and soft moans whispering in my ear. Distantly I hear my heavy breathing broken by whimpers and quiet gasps of pleasure, But that is a fleeting thought, quickly pushed under by my overwhelming need to be touched, everywhere. I arch against his body, begging for his fingers to trace burning, meaningless patterns on my bare skin. I want to feel his gentle caress, stroking and rubbing as my hand intertwines with his hair and my lips part to whisper his name as I pull him closer. I am greedy and selfish, wanting both his touch and his kisses as I bring our lips together. I can hardly restrain myself from attacking with tongue and teeth, nipping at his soft lower lip then soothing with a moist tongue before seeking entrance to his sweet mouth. I want nothing more than to devour and be devoured. His hands still on my body but I do not mind because it is about this connection now, these hungry kisses we exchange as we desperately try to consume each other.

The sensations are building and i feel him pull back, seeking to take me now when our lips are red and swollen from our kissing. I groan in protest, wrapping my legs around his waist and pulling him back on top of me,

"Not yet" I murmur, hands unable to keep still as they wander his soft, pale skin. He says nothing but buries his face in the soft curve of my neck, biting just to hear my moan before his lips tenderly press against the abused spot and move on. It is his lips tasting the flesh on my neck, licking and nipping that releases my self control and I can't wait any longer. This time when he pulls back I do not stop him but lay naked and vulnerable, flushed with heat and desire as he gazes at me. Now he is the one who prolongs the moment I desperately want. An almost inaudible whine leaves my throat on a heavy exhalation and I thrust my hips into the air, pressing my head back, pleading, begging, for him to fill me, take me, complete me. A moment more and then he is there, tentatively pushing against my entrance, his eyes watching my face for the moment he loves most. It is in that first penetration that I feel the greatest pleasure, the feel of him entering and claiming me as his own, forever and always. The sweet feeling of opening to him and then surrounding him with my wet warmth. I cry out in satisfaction before pulling him back down on top of me, needing to feel his weight on mine, taking in all of him that I can.

For a moment we are frozen, him pressed into me as far as possible while I cling to him, riding the spike of pleasure as I pant for air. With tenderness he begins to withdraw, listening to my pleasured whimpers as I lie, helpless with my desire, willing to be controlled, waiting for him to set the pace as I squirm beneath him, self conscious for a moment of my blatant, overwhelming need. But my self consciousness goes away, it does not matter anymore for he is filling me, completely and fully over and over again while I meet him thrust for thrust, wanting every inch of him in me. The sounds of pleasure fill the air and each moan I can entice from his sweet lips is a triumph, music to my ears that only encourages my own sounds of ecstasy to escape my lips.

He pulls back, resting on his knees as the position changes and a new part is suddenly stimulated. For a moment I can't catch my breath to make a sound, wordless as he changes the tempo, picking up speed and the pleasure speeds up. I am lost now to the rhythm, no longer caring about how I look or what sounds I make. He is mine and I am his, joined by our exposure and desire. I half open my eyes to stare into his, seeking the mental reassurance that what I feel he feels. His gaze bores into mine and I close my own, satisfied by what  I see in the depths. Again I need to be touched and I bring his hand to my  breast, asking without words to caress and rub. I want to feel his hands all over, wishing for the sensation overload that will trigger my climax. Suddenly he goes faster and I cry out" as the hot spikes of pleasure overwhelm me. It's nothing now but him inside, hitting that sweet spot over and over at a fast tempo as the ache builds in my stomach and spreads. "More," I am coherent enough to think but not to voice. "Not harder but faster, fill me, complete me, mark me as yours", I think, barely able to form these thoughts.

I can tell that he is reaching the breaking point too, and the pressure is building in both of us, so I open my eyes to gaze up at him. I love to see this moment, watch his face when he cums in me and knowing that I could bring him that bliss. Seeing that in his face always pushes me over the edge. As my muscles contract and I press against him at the height of passion I can hear his cry mingle with my own, bringing me pleasure and satisfaction.

For a moment neither of us move, quietly resting and reveling in the after glow. It's with reluctance that he leaves me and for a second I feel cold and lonely before the afterglow comforts me again. I turn to him and smile, tracing the line of his jaw with my hand as I murmur my love for him. He rests against me and I hear the fast pounding of his heart, beating as counterpoint to my own. I press my lips to every part I can reach, hands still trailing over his body as if seeking to reassure myself what happened was real. Eventually I curl into his shoulder, legs entwined and a smile on my face. I allow my eyes to flutter close and listen to his deep breath.

It is this here and now, wrapped in his arms with the ghost of him still filling me that I will treasure forever and always. Each time is like new and I always want more, unable to get enough of his warm love. As I drift into sleep I hear him say quietly "I love you" and that is all I need to hear, all i need to know. Three words, so small alone but together they make me feel safe, protected and warm. I sigh happily and drift into sleep.