Sitting here, listening to your gentle breathing in and out. Slight whistle through your nose, poor dear it has been stuffy.

A soft, sudden snore, a break in the pattern but no startling awake, just settle back into it once more.

I can imagine-eyelashes as soft as a butterfly wing  gently touching a cheek with a loving caress.

supple lips gently parted, relaxed in this night sleep.

lines of worry and stress smoothed out, peaceful and serene.

I can picture phone to your face, faint glow illuminating your features.

One cheek is pressed against the screen, smooshed and creating a unique look all it's own

A faint cough, rough and scratchy on the throat. My heart beats faster and I long to be there.

I long to be in your arms, safe and warm, comforted and comforting

I wish to be there, listening to the slow beat of your heart, the breathing that matches mine.

I want to stroke your the fine hairs on your ar, ever so softly so as to not disturb you

When I wake up from a dream, terror in my throat, I need you next to me, holding me close

Love, My Love, I want to be there at your most vulnerable

innocent as a baby

With the worlds troubles gone from view.

My Dear, sweet dreams and good night.